When it comes to communicating with customers, Take Blip is one step ahead.

Optimize your service time and increase your business conversion rate, delighting customers with automated and efficient conversations. On our complete and intuitive platform, you can solve everything in one Blip!

Automate your business's digital communication


Streamline your service, automate processes and increase your sales with chatbot solutions. With our tools, you can even plan your actions in the main communication channels in an integrated way.


Create conversation flows, connect with the best integrations and fully manage your service in the main messaging apps.

It's easy to connect with the main systems on the market:

Understand the main features of the plans that best suit your profile.

24/7 availability, data analytics and reports, unlimited agents, smart conversations, and more.

WhatsApp API

Be able to offer scalable, automated service, strengthening the relationship with your audience.

99.5%+ SLA and 24h support

Get a 99.5% guarantee of availability and stability. Take advantage of 24-hour support with specialized teams.

Add a human touch to automated conversations

Improve user experience with integrated customer service. With Blip Desk and our other tools, you can add your team’s expertise to the automated messaging systems.

Monitor your team's performance

With an intuitive and responsive dashboard, you can constantly monitor your employees’ performance.

Post in different channels

Publish chatbots and develop your company’s digital communication on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and the main messaging channels worldwide.

Integrate with the best AI providers

Use state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence with NLP to make your chatbot even smarter and improve your service with the main APIs in the market.

Manage without limits

Build, analyze and evolve your smart contact solutions autonomously. With Blip Desk, you enjoy unlimited accounts to use the platform and your team has the freedom to work with different integrations

Many solutions. One platform.

Great range of resources with a single purpose: to offer a robust structure adapted to your needs
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Smarter Contacts

Create chatbots for the different areas and skills in your company. With the Take Blip platform, you can develop diverse and integrated solutions, all with the same tool.

formas diferentes de atender via whatsapp

Many ways to serve

Quickly reply to customers with our hybrid service. The conversation starts in the chatbot and is easily redirected to one of your team's attendants - and vice versa.

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A partnership to help you evolve

You can count on our solutions in all stages of the contact with the customer and the different moments of your business. Take Blip platform is scalable designed to keep up with the evolution of your company.


Integrate your chatbot with different solutions

With Take Blip, it’s easy to connect with the integrations to meet the needs of your business. On a single platform, you can analyze data and reports, optimize time, save resources and improve your sales processes in the main messaging channels by integrating your chatbot with dynamic systems such as CRM, ERP, among others.

Develop your products with ease

Take advantage of the best integration API’s to build more functionality into your products. And count on our support to help you understand the features and updates of the Take Blip platform.
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It's time to let your company's digital communication evolve. Start exploring our resources and tools right now!