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Case Studies

Chatbot for Localiza Hertz

We launched the first Brazilian chatbot for reserving and renting vehicles!

The biggest car rental network in South America needed to innovate and facilitate the experience for its customers.

To figure this challenge out, Take created a chatbot that allows users to make, change and cancel car reservations, in addition to being able to select all features of the chosen vehicle by chat. These are comprehensive transactions, completed more quickly and simply!

Chatbot for Localiza Hertz

Chatbot for Rock in Rio

A chatbot for an event is a live system. It’s impossible to predict what might happen, which is the main reason for using this solution.

Rock in Rio is one of the biggest music festivals in the world, with a name that carries the weight of an extremely successful history. The event is recognized for the experiences it offers to the audience. So, how to ensure that it could offer this distinction also online?

This was the scenario Take faced when developing Roque, an engagement chatbot for Rock in Rio.

Chatbot for Rock in Rio

Special chatbot for Black Friday

Bahianinho sent the best deals on the ecommerce to the customers by Facebook Messenger!

At the end of the year, thousands of consumers want to take advantage of promotional deals to buy what they need. They search for the best Black Friday discounts online, but come across many offerings and have a hard time finding the best ones.

To make life easier for shoppers, Casas Bahia launched a chatbot in partnership with Take to send the best Black Friday deals by Facebook Messenger.

Special chatbot for Black Friday

Chatbot for spreading love in the form of gelato

On Valentine’s Day, the special stock of Bacio di Latte gelato, anticipated for the whole month of June, ran out.

The reason? A deal for distributing “elegant gelato” via chatbot on Facebook Messenger - created by Take. By interacting with the bot, users could create personalized messages for their spouses, sweethearts, “crushes” and even friends or family.

People could freely distribute a many vouchers as they wanted, and the recipient could pick up a free gelato at the store on 6/12/18.

As a result, over 1 million people were impacted by the promotion via Facebook Ads, which directed them to the bot. There were over 64,000 vouchers, and more than 3 tons of gelato distributed. Bacio di Latte thus spent about 50% less on media than it did on Mother’s Day.

Chatbot for spreading love in the form of gelato
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