Facily used Take Blip to optimize how they talk and reached more customers via official WhatsApp

Diego Dzodan | Co-founder e CEO - Facily

Our partnership with Take is invaluable because their tools are extremely innovative for our distribution model via WhatsApp Business.

Eryck Miranda | Customer Experience Lead - Facily

One of the biggest gains Facily has had with the Take Blip platform was the service metrics. Today, I can keep track of the number of tickets and this makes the operation much easier.

The Social Commerce company Facily runs a collective shopping app that aims to offer great products and services for attractive prices. Trying to be more engaging in their communication, the brand wanted to offer humanized and effective service. It was also looking for ways to receive feedback from customers in order to keep evolving. In this quest, Facily saw in Take Blip the ideal partner to achieve goals, using the right tool to digitize its communication, optimize its processes and improve its relationship with the audience.

The company had access to the official WhatsApp Business API solution and now offers a brand verified channel, essential to elicit confidence in conversations. Today, the company is able to meet most of its customers' demands in a fully automated way. And that's because Facily's smart WhatsApp contact integrates chatbot and human services. Now, attendants have the freedom and the autonomy to direct their efforts to more complex issues. The intuitive usability of Take Blip platform allows for fast and effective learning, which has built confidence in the team and brought efficiency to the project.

The company has also seen great benefits in having service metrics. It monitors the number of resolved tickets and collects important data, such as average interaction time and the number of contacts on the same topic. This information can be used to inform decisions and improve planning. And that's how Facily optimized productivity in the company and reaped good results from customer engagement via WhatsApp.

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