With an official WhatsApp channel, Hermes Pardini Group has optimized the relationship, communication and services offered to customers

Tathiana Rohlfs | Customer Relationship Manager - Hermes Pardini Group

The great differential in our relationship with Take was the fast and assertive deliveries. They were able to quicly understand our needs and deliver a product that fully met Hermes Pardini's expectations.

Fabiana Martins | Service monitor - Hermes Pardini Group

Through Blip Desk, Take Blip platform's human interaction tool, we now serve 8 customers simultaneously. We work with more agility and more assertiveness, and avoid having our customers wait in line for too long.

Hermes Pardini Group owns several diagnostic and preventive medicine laboratories in the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Since the great number of daily contacts presents a challenge to their guideline of excellence in service, we identified a need to explore new ways to talk with customers.

In order to optimize communication and to be present in a popular channel, Hermes Pardini invested in solutions via WhatsApp, with the help of Take Blip platform.

The group's official contact center now offers automated service and performs scheduling and cancellations and delivers exam results much faster and more efficiently.

Besides the automated functions, the smart contact also integrates human service, which is triggered in more complex situations. Through this solution, each agent can serve around 8 customers at the same time via Blip Desk, our tool for human service.

After only a few months of implementation, changes are already noticeable. More than 5,000 exam results have been delivered automatically via WhatsApp.

The group has had more than 2 million messages exchanged and more than 40,000 customers served. The operational efficiency of the team of attendants has increased by 30%, exceeding the mark of 50,000 human services via Blip Desk.

The official Hermes Pardini channel on WhatsApp has been widely accepted by customers with different profiles, since the service via messages in the app is easy to understand and to use. Ans so, the Group has been having a much more dynamic, interesting and efficient relationship experience.

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