Itaú's campaign to disseminate reading in Brazil reaches more than 2.5 billion books downloaded in WhatsApp

"Leia para uma criança" is a campaign made in partnership between Itaú Unibanco and Itaú Social Foundation that distributes books for free every year. With the purpose of further disseminating access to reading, in 2019 the project faced the challenge of expanding its reach from the physical to the digital world. As the subject is dissemination, the channel chosen for this expansion was WhatsApp. Present on almost every Brazilian's smartphone, the most daily accessed app in the country now also gives access to exclusive stories. Using the Take Blip platform, Itaú developed a chatbot that was responsible for distributing special PDF editions of three new children's books. Those who interacted with the profile in the message app received the books "O Cabelo da Menina" [The Girl's Hair] by Fernanda Takai, "Meu Amigo Robô" [My Friend Robot] by Giselda Laporta Nicolelis, and "As Bonecas da Vó Maria" [The Dolls of Grandma Maria] by Mel Duarte. With the new format, the promotion gained even more strength. It was possible to share the books with other contacts and also read the story to a child at any place or time of the day.With more than 2.5 million books downloaded, more than 800 thousand users and about 8 million messages, the WhatsApp campaign reached people all over the country, especially the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Ceará, which were the states in the leadership regarding the number of stories downloaded. All the campaign was managed automatically in the Take Blip platform.

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