Kroton Educacional optimizes the candidates attraction and increases the number of registrations in the entrance examinations with Take Blip

Thais Roque | Product Owner - Kroton

We have always known that what makes you have good results is to listen to the user. What we gained with the chatbot was more access to what the customer needs in a faster and more accessible way than we ever had". "One of the main reasons that made Kroton choose Take Blip was the automation of Artificial Intelligence and the fact that we were able to be independent in relation to some adaptations of the tool: the issue of overflowing human service and the production of reports - besides Take Blip's successful stories and indications of people who have already worked with the company and the partnership with Facebook

Diana Mourão | Digital Platforms - Kroton

One of the great advantages of the chatbot, besides the delivery of good results, is the fact that we can provide answers to the customers' questions, without them having to search the site. With these doubts cleared up, they become more confident in the choice to proceed in Kroton's path: it's more likely to bring a qualified person into the process

Natalia Leonora Gomes | Digital Platforms - Kroton

The implementation of the smart chatbot was a great way to discover the pains and delights of the applicant, since we can analyze daily how the user behaves within the Kroton website. It is possible to know quickly where it is necessary to improve, to have more agility, to know where they feel more comfortable in the answers. Besides the quantitative analysis and results in numbers, we also have the qualitative ones to understand how the user feels about the site and the enrollment flow. There is a greater gain with the chatbot and it was implanted not even one year ago.

Choosing college is one of the most important steps in life. And, today, much of this journey happens online, which generates challenges. Some people don't feel safe making this decision without a more intimate conversation, but at the same time they are not always available for a visit or call.

To solve this issue, Kroton Educacional decided to reformulate the digital contact of its college chain, using the Take Blip platform.The solution was a chatbot implemented in the chain's websites, which made the dialogue with the applicants closer and more productive.

In addition to answering questions and guiding applicants, the contact can provide specific information about their enrollment. It is possible to follow the whole process and even generate a link to the online entrance examination automatically.

Besides, those who prefer or need to talk to a human attendant don't need to look for another channel: our platform connects the user to the company's service team in the same conversation, in a fluid way and without transitions.

The project also relies on data that has improved the site experience. From the analysis of the user's journey in the chatbot, Kroton can identify points of interest and the propositions of the candidates, to help in improvements in the browsing and in the optimization of the enrollment flow.

When we started using the Take Blip platform, Kroton Educacional has evolved the contact in portals of capture of seven brands of the group: Pitágoras, Fama, Anhanguera, Unime, Unic, Unopar and Uniderp.

In just one month, more than 1 million messages and 58 thousand users were registered. In addition, the solution helped identify the rate of loss of applicants at each stage, and the results are clear: positive CPE (Cost per Enrollment) soon after its implementation.

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