With Take Blip platform, Nextel has evolved and digitalized communication via WhatsApp

Igor Dias | Head of Digital Service - Nextel

Take Blip's and Nextel's strategy and partnership is a huge winner and a reason for pride

Pedro Arakawa | Executive Director - Nextel

Take Blip is the player that fits better with what Nextel believes would be the ideal service and way to work

Nextel, the giant Brazilian telephony company, has as one of its main pillars the excellence in customer service, performing a customer centric approach. When seeking improvements in its channels, the company conducted a survey with customers and found that they prefer to be answered via WhatsApp instead of visiting a store or calling the call center.

To offer consumers this additional service option, Nextel chose Take Blip. With our platform, the brand has made the channel official in WhatsApp and has managed to further raise its quality standards, speed and assertiveness in this service. This way, it improved its operational efficiency. Today, Nextel serves about 240 thousand unique users per month via WhatsApp. 85% of the people who make contact through the app perform the whole process automatically, without human interference. In more complex cases, the solution detects the need for a human agent and transfers the contact to the company's highly trained team.

This team interacts with the customer in Whatsapp, without breaking the service flow. In only two months, the solution had a 25% growth in the number of services via Whatsapp. The brand's strategy is to continue evolving the smart contact in the app and keep on getting more and more customers.

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