Pontofrio created an interactive game via Facebook Messenger and increased engagement with Take Blip solutions

The retail chain Pontofrio wished to create a marketing campaign to delight and strenghten the brand's relationship with a younger audience. For the campaign to be able to reach these people, a communication channel that they already used was chosen: Facebook Messenger.

The audience was also the essential inspiration to create the campaign dynamics, which brought on references from social networks to create challenges with emojis. This is how the story of a very successful chatbot created with the Take Blip platform began. For six days, Pontofrio published clues and phrases on the Facebook page and in the comment section of the posts.

Each challenge should be translated with a "secret code" of emojis and was available for 24 hours or until someone got it right. Attempts to send the code were free and made via the brand's chatbot in Messenger. Whoever got it right, would win the company's most desired products. Take Blip's solution was essential to make the campaign work in an app well-known by people and with the Messenger's reach.

Our platform guaranteed the necessary stability to handle thousands of interactions, offering automated communication and, whenever needed, integration with a human agent. As a result, the campaign had about 10 million messages exchanged and more than 200,000 people connected.

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