Meet Roque, chatbot that exchanged more than 3 million messages with the audience of Rock in Rio 2017

In 2017, in the 7th edition of Rock in Rio, known as the largest music festival on the planet, which is held anually in the place nicknamed as "Cidade do Rock" [Rock City], the event received about 590 thousand people during its seven days of performances. It is natural that events with these dimensions have a great supporting structure, in order to guide and solve visitors' doubts. So, the challenge was to create a service channel that was part of the immersion in the festival.

The idea was to talk in a fun and engaging way, respecting the audience's profile. The experience should be excellent, so it was necessary to count on a robust solution, always available and able to handle thousands of messages at the same time.

The solution was Roque, a service and engagement chatbot on Facebook Messenger, created with the Take Blip platform. Roque served as an assistant to the visitors in Cidade do Rock and also to the spectators who watched Rock in Rio on television. Roque could be inquired about places to withdraw tickets, access to gates, schedules, stages and setlists of performances.

It provided details on food, rides available for use, and even information on bathroom line, with updates via push notification. The chatbot was also used for engagement, launching missions and fun quizzes in exchange for rewards and publishing videos created by the audience present. Roque was also essential to announce the cancellation of Lady Gaga, the main artist on the first day of the festival. The day before the show, there it was, ready to support, inform about refunds and announce which attraction would replace the singer.

The first Rock in Rio experience with an interactive channel of its kind, Roque proved to be a great investment. There were about 3 million messages exchanged by more than 70 thousand people during the whole festival. In a single day, Roque interacted with approximately 10 thousand different users, which represents 10% of the estimated audience in the Cidade do Rock.

The success of the case was recognized by Mundo do Marketing, in its Top 10 best marketing campaigns of 2017.

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