Metrics visibility, optimized operation and credibility among truck drivers: these are TruckPad's results on Official WhatsApp

Caio Borba | Relationship Coordinator - TruckPad

What motivated us to hire Take to provide the official contact via WhatsApp was to give us more credibility and make it easier to get in touch with the drivers, in a centralized and easier way both for them and for us.

Pamela Galvão | Relationship Analyst - TruckPad

With Take, it is possible to talk to 30 or 40 customers simultaneously and maintain a fluid conversation with all of them.

José Daniel | Logistics Analyst - TruckPad

Take Blip helps a lot during the driver's whole journey. With it, we were able to keep all the contact records, send documents, and standardize communication.

Edinaldo José Calado | Registered truck driver - TruckPad

I use WhatsApp to talk to TruckPad and I think it was the best tool they have used so far. You can communicate with them at any time.

TruckPad was born to make life easier for the independent truck driver in Brazil. The company connects drivers with cargo to be transported, managing and assisting with the entire delivery process.

The company's communication with truck drivers had always been through WhatsApp, the most popular app among them, but not officially.

The brand did not have the credibility of a verified account and did not have access to data and metrics, which are so essential for a digital business. So, TruckPad found the solution for these problems at Take Blip, which is the Official WhatsApp Solution Provider.

Using our platform, the company created an official Whatsapp profile and gained a faster and more convenient access to relevant metrics. Decision making became data-driven, resulting in a significant increase in productivity in several areas and teams. Communication with truck drivers has also greatly improved.

TruckPad now has access to all records of contacts and document deliveries, standardizing communication throughout the conversation. Besides, with our exclusive human service tool, Blip Desk, the company is able to serve up to 40 drivers at the same time, keeping a fluid quality conversation.

Today, more than 120,000 messages are exchanged and about 15,000 customers are served per month. On average, 4,000 messages are exchanged daily, which demonstrates Take Blip platform's operating efficiency and support to scalable growth. And the WhatsApp solution is hugely successful among truck drivers.

Edinaldo José Calado, a driver registered with TruckPad, states that the tool is the best he has ever used, because it guarantees communication at any time with the other parties involved in his work.

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