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FAQ and 24/7 Support

Not all customer requests need a person to be resolved! With a chatbot, you can build a conversation flow that allows automated inquiries and support 24/7.

With just a few clicks, the customer can access the information or service needed, quickly and at low cost.

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Digital employee

Customer service representatives need to spend their time where they are needed the most: on complex demands. The chatbot can thus direct the customer to the digital profile of a company employee, which can continue the support without losing the context of the conversation.

The customer talks to the representative on the same messaging channel where the interaction was initiated. Dialogs are logged and provide rich information for your business.

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Alerts and notifications

When starting a conversation with a chatbot, the user opts in for the company to make contact whenever it wants to. This is a great opportunity to send notifications without invading people’s privacy.

Imagine keeping your customer informed, sending alerts and notifications about your company’s news in real time. With a chatbot, your contact with the public gets much smarter.

Now imagine all of that on WhatsApp. See how to create your official contact on the world’s leading messaging app and communicate with your customers in their favorite channel!

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