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There is nothing like a good conversation for getting closer to your customers.
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Upon receiving the users' opt-in, you can use your chatbot as a channel to send content that informs, educates and keeps your audience active, such as blog posts, video cases and other materials.

Your users configure their receiving preferences, suggest new content and get closer to your brand. All though inbox!

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Keep your audience engaged before, during and after your event. With a chatbot, you inform people about the agenda and speakers, send real-time updates, and create connections that go beyond the great day.

Why create an app that will be uninstalled right after the event is over? Use a chatbot and reactivate your user base in the next edition with a simple notification.


Grow your brand awereness with memorable campaigns!

Get a chatbot and enjoy differentials such as friendly interfaces, easy usability and performance mapping to go beyond traditional branding and make people really remember you.

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Inbot Marketing

Your brand can make millions of friends!

This term was created by Take to represent chatbot use as a direct channel with the consumer within an Inbound Marketing strategy.

As soon as someone interacts with your chatbot, they become “friends” (in other words, the person opts in to receive communications), allowing you to send that person messages. Use this feature to send personalized notifications, with the information or service that you know the customer needs!

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Success Stories

Learn how Rock in Rio engaged their audience three times more with a chatbot

Chatbot for Rock in Rio

A chatbot for an event is a live system. It’s impossible to predict what might happen, which is the main reason for using this solution.

Rock in Rio is one of the biggest music festivals in the world, with a name that carries the weight of an extremely successful history. The event is recognized for the experiences it offers to the audience. So, how to ensure that it could offer this distinction also online?

This was the scenario Take faced when developing Roque, an engagement chatbot for Rock in Rio.

Chatbot for Rock in Rio
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