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Every sale begins with a conversation!
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Digital sales assistant

Imagine a salesperson available everyday, even on weekends.

For simple sales, a chatbot that works as a sales consultant can handle the whole process: From answering the customer’s question to providing payment instructions within the same conversation.

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For complex sales, by establishing a first conversation with the prospect customer, the chatbot can provide the salesperson with important information to prepare better for a future meeting.

This smart contact also facilitates the consultant’s work in other aspects: the contact’s historic with the lead is all in the same conversation, and specific details of previous interactions are easily retrieved whenever necessary.

Drive this strategy with a platform that allows combining human and automated response in a single place.

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Lead Generation

Using the techniques of Inbot Marketing, you make friends for your bot through the opt-in process and can send them notifications without being invasive.

After that, it’s time to create marketing actions to engage and help them along the sales funnel, closing more and more deals.

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    Send relevant content to the base of friends
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    Qualify leads within the bot
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    Optimize the sales team's work
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Success Stories

Learn how Casas Bahia increased their sales and their average ticket's customers with a chatbot

Special chatbot for Black Friday

Bahianinho sent the best deals on the ecommerce to the customers by Facebook Messenger!

At the end of the year, thousands of consumers want to take advantage of promotional deals to buy what they need. They search for the best Black Friday discounts online, but come across many offerings and have a hard time finding the best ones.

To make life easier for shoppers, Casas Bahia launched a chatbot in partnership with Take to send the best Black Friday deals by Facebook Messenger.

Special chatbot for Black Friday
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