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It all depends on your current company structure and the complexity of the conversation flow you want. The implementation of Blip is composed of a legal and financial check, as well as the onboarding of your team. In other words, the activation will depend on the participation of those responsible within your company. In all steps, count on Take Blip to make the process as agile as possible.
With the official API from WhatsApp, you can connect unlimited attendants once you have integrated it into the Blip platform. The number of attendants will be available according to the availability of the contracted plan.
Yes, you just need to have opt-in, i.e. the formal authorization from your customers, according to the GDPL (General Data Protection Law). This authorization can be an acceptance box in your forms or a \”yes\” from your client via WhatsApp, for example. Otherwise, it is a violation of WhatsApp\’s privacy and can lead to the blocking of your account.
You can connect Blip to all major messaging channels: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Google RCS, Google Assistant, Apple Messages for Business, Workplace Chat, email, and SMS. In addition, you can also integrate to your tools.
DAUs is the number of daily active users. This is the current WhatsApp billing model, in which billing is done based on 24h sessions, which start when the first message from the company is delivered to the user.
By default, Meta (formerly Facebook) requires a lot of information to understand your company\’s operation. You need to submit some information about your company, such as the company name, a valid website with domain and brand logo, for example.
The Startup, Lite, Plus, and Super plans already include the value of the WhatsApp channel and the use of the Blip platform. Thus, there is no charge to start conversations with your customers. Your company will have a monthly conversation allowance available, which can be used as you wish: sending active messages to your customers or receiving messages. For the Enterprise plan, the cost of the WhatsApp channel is charged separately to the use of the Blip platform. So, to send active messages to your customers, a fee is charged by WhatsApp itself for each active message sent.
It depends on the current structure of your company and the complexity of the flow you want! If your company does not have a team to create the chatbot flow, we provide a complete support with a specialized team, besides the various free materials from Take Blip, such as help center, forum and webinars. If you prefer to hire a complete and dedicated technical team to develop chatbots, you can find it here too!
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