Digitalize the communication between company teams and departments, optimizing processes and results

Chatbots are already known for their ability to improve customer service. What few know is that it is also possible to use the solution to improve communication between company teams. With the help of our platform, you can optimize processes and maintain the integrated team using communication channels that people already use.

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Take Blip improves the engagement of your company's employees

  • Fastest processes

    Our platform helps your company to provide digitalized communication and services. The work becomes more integrated and agile.

  • Optimized processes

    With our solutions, you simplify high demand processes, such as sending documents and files, promoting the digitalization of resources.

  • Efficient communication

    Broadcast messages in several channels. You optimize the contact, on apps people are already used to.

Explore custumers success stories and see our processes solutions in action.

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