Who we are

People want to communicate with companies in the same way they talk to each other: through messages!

We are making this vision become reality.
Roberto Oliveira, Co-founder and CEO
Who we are
Take was created to help companies and people connect better.

With our BLiP platform and own methodology for building, running and evolving smart contacts, we have already brought global brands to the leading messaging channels through chatbots.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, websites and other channels: we revolutionize communication and relationship channels, bringing you closer to your customers.
One Step Beyond Um passo adiante

One Step Beyond

Awards, acknowledgments and achievements that take us one step beyond:

• Solution Provider for WhatsApp Business API
• "Cool Vendor in Brazil" by Gartner in 2017
• Official Provider for Messenger in Facebook Business
• Global Facebook's case study with the chatbot for Casas Bahia
• IBM's partner and reference case study


Take was created on July 29th, 1999. Since then, many events have marked our story. Take a look at the greatest ones:


From the outset, Take was a pioneer in the Brazilian value-added services (VAS) market for mobile telephony, creating a series of unprecedented products.

“Send a song name to 250 and download your ringtone.” This phrase represented a revolution for domestic telephony services, catapulting Take’s business forward.



Tangram is a Chinese dissection puzzle that lets you create varied figures from a limited number of geometric shapes.

Based on this challenge, the game became the name of the modular platform Take designed to streamline integration between an operator’s production environment and various value-added services and mobile applications.

Tangram has been integrated with all telephone service operators in Brazil. There have been over 100 million downloads from the platform!


We attracted new eyes

Take became the Brazilian ringtone market leader. Our growth upwards of 250% per year between 2001 and 2005 caught the attention of companies all over the world.

So in 2005, the Japanese group Faith Inc. acquired controlling shares of the company to invest globally in messaging services.

Three years later, Faith Inc. got out of the ringtone business, and we bought Take back to continue our innovation process.


“Restartup”: SMS

Back in 2000, Take sent the first SMS to a cell phone from a computer outside of an operator’s system.

With the popularization of SMS messaging, the service started being used not only between people, but also for corporate communication. That was when, after we bought Take back, we reinvented our business (nicknamed “Restartup”) and presented the market with the Collect Torpedo, along with the Torpedão and the paid reply SMS. Over 500 million collect messages were sent in just 3 years!



After working with a variety of products and services and continuing with our mission to facilitate conversations between people and companies, we created BLiP, a platform for building, managing and evolving chatbots.

BLiP integrates the best market tools for the development of conversational solutions and is positioning Take and our clients on a very promising path.

Success Stories

See which brands have already transformed their digital communications with Take.

Chatbot for Localiza Hertz

We launched the first Brazilian chatbot for reserving and renting vehicles!

The biggest car rental network in South America needed to innovate and facilitate the experience for its customers.

To figure this challenge out, Take created a chatbot that allows users to make, change and cancel car reservations, in addition to being able to select all features of the chosen vehicle by chat. These are comprehensive transactions, completed more quickly and simply!

Chatbot for Localiza Hertz