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Take Blip is more than a chatbot. Get to know our culture and values, and find out what motivates us to be always one step beyond

Acquisition of STILINGUE

Take Blip acquires STILINGUE, the largest social listening platform for the Portuguese language in Brazil, combining advanced Artificial Intelligence resources to further leverage the digital experience between people and brands.
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Strong partnerships and results

Take Blip is partners with global tech companies. It is an Official WhatsApp Solution Provider and Customer Service Platform supported by Apple in Brazil. 100,999+ chatbots built and 10 billion+ messages handled daily on the platform in 2020.
Plataforma Blip_ contato inteligente

Blip Platform: Smart Contact

Launch of Blip, our platform for building, managing, and evolving chatbots and smart contacts.
Take volta ao BR + SMS a cobrar

Take returns to BR + SMS collect

Take is bought back by its founders, following its innovation path. Lauch of "Torpedo a Cobrar", "Torpedão" and paid reply SMS.

Leadership + Take in Japan

Take becomes Brazil's leader in ringtones. The company is acquired by the Japanese group Faith Inc. and consolidates its position in the ringtone market.

Tangram: added value

Launch of Tangram, a platform on which telephony providers sold value-added services (VAS)

Hello, World!

The start of, the first mobile internet company in Brazil.


Smart Contact


One message can change the world

Smart Contact

Smart Contact is the evolution in communication between companies and people. Today, interactions with brands take place on digital level, thus we are betting on a new asset, an official and unified touchpoint that brings together the best of technology and human skills. It provides an excellent experience, constantly evolving from customers and users feedback. In the new web era, Smart Contact is as important as apps on mobile, and sites on traditional web.

Roberto Oliveira

| Co-founder, CEO -

Take Blip

People want to talk to companies the same way they talk to each other: by messages! We are making this vision a reality

A celebration of our culture, our values and more than 20 years of history. Play the video and discover Take Blip!

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What we value the most: people

We are a team of great individuals, who work with autonomy, responsibility and cooperation. Together, we can transform the work environment and contribute with the development of the company in any area.

What does Take Blip value?

Check out the 6 values that define and move our work

Inside Take Blip: BH quarters

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Logo Great Place To Work

Great Place to Work 2019: 2nd place in Minas Gerais!

We have been among the best places to work since 2013. In 2020, we were 15th place in IT-BR and 11th in the Ranking BR

What does it mean to be Take Blip team?

It is being part of a team and also having the freedom and resources to develop oneself

Inside Take Blip: SP

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People always come 1st

Each part of our team gives its best


"Excellent" is our starting point


Taking responsibility makes the difference


Think big, grow, evolve and go beyond


"Simplicity is the final degree of sophistication"

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