Financial Services with digitalized communication and more efficient processes

Consumers prefer to communicate with brands via message apps and it is essential to be present in channels they already use. With Take Blip, the company has digitalized communication and yet it optimizes processes and makes operations easier. Thus, it is present in the customers' daily routine and is closer in their financial decision making.

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Serve customers wherever they are and increase opportunities to assist in their financial decisions

  • Services and consultations in real time

    Confirm the execution or cancellation of transactions. Report payment status, purchases, invoices, among other services. It is also possible to give details about balances and several other digital services.

  • One step beyond in the relationship

    Offer support and anticipate solutions for further questions, based on the history of interactions with each client.

  • Follow the customer portfolio

    Take advantage of customer interaction to exchange messages and offer a customer centric approach, with opportunities and financial advice according to each person's profile.

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