From acquisition to sale, create relationships in the communication apps that your customers already use

With Take Blip platform, you follow the whole company's communication journey with customers. It is possible to manage services and support, confirm transactions, inform about the delivery of orders to customers. Monitor the demand and stock volume, all in one platform. Be available to sell 24 hours a day.

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Take Blip digitizes and optimizes your company's Sales

  • Your brand always available

    You can offer customer service every day of the week, reply messages and solve frequent questions. All in an automated, expandable way, at any time of the day

  • Integration and journey management

    Take Blip allows you to manage digital journeys and integrate all the company's chatbot solutions. It can be service, sales, stock, deliveries and other services.

  • Agile and dynamic contact

    The automated service offers answers and quickly solves the main questions. Without the need to activate human service, it brings more autonomy to customers.

  • Create successful campaigns

    You can count on the stability of our platform to run large campaigns. Boost sales and reach thousands of consumers in important campaigns, events and dates

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Simplify conversations and optimize the sales process via chatbot

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Invest in communication with customers and offer them unforgettable experiences

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