Take Blip helps your company to digitalize communication and optimize Transportation and Logistics processes

Transform operations of any size with our platform. Manage entries, exits and movements of people, data and cargo. Offer centralized communication for different target audiences and processing points allowing agility in the collection and sharing of information, metrics and journey status. Your company becomes more efficient and the work is improved, end-to-end.

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Improve your relationship with your target audience and make the operation even more effective, on a single platform

  • Connect with people where they already are

    Talk to different audiences inside and outside of the company without sticking points. With Take Blip, the conversation happens in the channels and apps that people already use. The company records important data and conversations and improves the contact between teams.

  • Automate processes and logistics

    Follow each step of the journey, from receiving the orders to delivering the products. Automate processes and communication at any scale. Manage data on drivers, cargo, vhicles and carriers. Control logs, inventory, and cargo.

  • Centralize calls and operation

    In the same conversation, integrate automated call service for quick answers with human service for the more complex issues. At Take Blip, your company monitors interactions between shippers, carriers, and customers in a single place.

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