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In Take Blip platform, managing integrations is quick and easy. Together with our tech partners, we offer the best add-ons to create smarter conversational solutions. Check all the possibilities, and which ones most suit your company's needs.

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  • Post on message channels
    Talk to your audience wherever they are, on several channels
    • Logo Workplace

      Workplace Chat

      Improve corporate communication with a chatbot for the team

    • Logo Telegram


      Make your chatbot available and send human and automated messages

    • Logo SMS


      Use the most accessible channel of all to reach customers where they already are

    • Logo Microsoft Teams

      Microsoft Teams

      Improve corporate communication for work teams

    • Logo Google Messages

      Google RCS

      Send corporate messages SMS, MMS and Chat

    • Logo Google Assistant

      Google Assistant

      Connect your chatbot with the virtual assistant created by Google

    • Logo Facebook Messenger

      Facebook Messenger

      Hand out your chatbot on Facebook, directly on the company's page

    • Logo email


      Reply emails and talk to users via automated message

    • Logo BLiP

      Blip Chat

      Our channel for publishing chatbots and smart contacts on Android and iOS sites and apps

    • Logo Business Chat

      Apple Business Chat

      Talk to customers and sell in Apple's messaging app

    • Logo WhatsApp


      More conversations and conversions with official brand profile

  • Improve with Artificial Intelligence
    Make your chatbot more human and smart using A.I.
    • Logo Luis

      Microsoft Luis

      A.I. solution for conversational learning in chatbot

    • Logo IBM Watson

      IBM Watson

      A.I. with solution to evolve the communication in your chatbot

    • Logo Dialogoflow

      Dialog Flow

      Google A.I. solution for understanding natural language

  • Integrate human service to chatbot
    Optimize communication with human, automated and hybrid conversations
    • Logo Salesforce

      SalesForce Live Agent

      Redirect human service to the SalesForce platform

    • Logo BLiP

      Blip Desk

      Direct your chatbot to a human service and manage teams of attendants

    • Logo Webhook

      Webhook Service

      Connect to your favorite service tools

  • Analyze data and performance
    Analyze messages exchanged via chatbot and boost your communication
    • Hubspot

      Register, record, capture and improve leads, enabling active notifications.

    • Logo RD

      RD Station

      Register, capture and educate leads with RD Station

    • Logo Chatbase


      Track data on Google platform and improve conversations in smart form of contact

    • Logo Dashbot


      Analyze and optimize chatbot conversation flow with customers

    • Logo Bot Analytics


      Receive conversation data and evolve user-chatbot interaction

  • Improve sales process
    Improve sales process
    • Vtex

      Integrate and use Take Blip platform and all its possibilities, with services such as: online sales, purchasing with salesperson, order status, and Consumer Services.

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