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Take Blip brings more efficiency and convenience

Offer the convenience of scheduling, changing and canceling appointments and exams at any time. With automated service, your patients are more autonomous.
Every patient has access to exam results, registration information, and other important data in the communication apps that everyone is familiar with
On the platform, it is possible to get data, perform automated screening, integrate with a human agent, talk to several patients at the same time, speed up admissions and optimize the workload of the healthcare professional.

It's easy to connect with the main systems on the market:

See in practice how our partners use Take Blip solutions to optimize processes

About 10million

messages exchanged with consumers via chatbot

80 million+

messages exchanged in the first WhatsApp campaign


messages exchanged by May 2020

64,500 gelatos

delivered in 4 days during the campaign with Take Blip platform

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Monitor your stock and the demand in the same platform

Consumer goods

Invest in communication and provide your clients with unforgettable experiences

Financial Services

Digitize communication and optimize processes and operations

Freight and logistics

Manage data, deadlines, stock and processes automatically

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