Solutions to digitalize communication and processes in Healthcare companies

It starts in a hospital or clinic, and goes from patient to professional, from the first contact until the results of the exams. Digital and optimized communication is becoming more and more essential in the Healthcare segment. With Take Blip, your company organizes processes, schedules appointments, performs digital and humanized care, tracks the history of interactions with patients and much more, all in a single platform.

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Take Blip brings more efficiency and convenience

  • Automated Scheduling

    Offer the convenience of scheduling, changing and canceling appointments and exams at any desired time. With automated service, your patients gain in autonomy.

  • Convenience in results

    Each patient has access to exam results, registration information and other important data in communication apps that everyone is familiar with

  • Easy for the professional

    With the platform, it is possible to collect data, do automated screening, integrate human care, talk to several patients at the same time, speed up admission and optimize the work of the healthcare professional.

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