Increase your reach and engagement in relationship and brand campaigns

Create marketing campaigns, convert and delight customers. Using Take Blip digital solutions, you have a robust platform that ensures high volume of messages. With stability and agility of response, you boost the success of your company and ensure great results.

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Create campaigns that captivate customers in the communication channels they already use. Create campaigns that delight customers in the communication channels they already use

  • Greater reach in less time

    Connect your brand with thousands of new consumers, using the world's main message channels and voice assistants.

  • Stability for major actions

    Count on the Take Blip platform in seasonal campaigns and major events of the brand. It is reliable and enables thousands of simultaneous interactions.

  • End-to-end conversations

    Obtain solutions the company needs in order to digitalize communication and engage the audience, by integrating human and automated service

Do as our partners: achieve great results with creative campaigns in digital channels

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